RE/MAX Riverside Marketing 


The RE/MAX Riverside marketing team ensures your listing reaches all across Maine’s Midcoast.


Digitally, we use a combination of social media (FacebookInstagramGoogle My Business), ads, and search engine optimization to enhance your listing’s visibility. We support our digital efforts with an ongoing community awareness campaign powered by print ads, networking events, sponsorships, and volunteer work.


Our Secret Edge 


Our most powerful RE/MAX Riverside marketing tool is our award-winning REALTORS® and in-house marketing team. They are each established Midcoast community leaders, sitting on dozens of boards, chairing numerous committees, and weaving their own web of influence with an incalculable number of contacts and followers. 


Brand Support


Being a RE/MAX franchisee means we have access to the latest real estate technology and global brand recognition. 

RE/MAX has been recognized as having the Most Trusted Real Estate Agents in the USA and Canada by BrandSpark International, an independent market research company, three years running, and in a blind poll, consumers asked to name a real estate brand consistently named RE/MAX more than any other. 


That level of success can be attributed to the amount of support the company provides its office and agents. This support comes in the form of technology, like industry-leading kvCore, education, resources like RE/MAX University, and market insights, like their yearly consumer reports.